A luxury personal training facility where sessions take place in private training lanes.

Top 5 Best Personal Training Studios In McLean, Virginia

just imagine.

Imagine having a personal training session in your own reserved training lane.

Imagine never having to wait for equipment or deal with crowds, no matter the time of day.

And imagine all this taking place in a luxury facility designed to give you the VIP experience.


tell me more.

All personal training sessions take place in a 12’ x 25’ private lane loaded with best-in-class Rogue equipment. The facility is limited to five lanes, each safely distanced six feet apart and thoroughly sanitized before every new session. This ensures no more than 10 people will be on the training floor at any given time. Arrive healthy, leave healthier.


decidedly different.

As Supersize Gyms continue to increase square footage, add more communal features and pack in even more members, we have taken a decidedly different approach. We are a private personal training facility. Period. We are not a gym. We are not a cafe. We are not a daycare. Clients come to us for exceptional training in an exceptional environment. And then they leave to enjoy their lives.


how this works.

So what are you waiting for?

At worst, you’ll spend 30 minutes and leave knowing a little more about your body than you did before you walked in. At best, you’ll have finally taken the first step on your fitness journey.

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