Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. As a personal trainer, how much does it cost to rent a lane?

A. $50 monthly membership fee and $40 per hour for a lane, payable at the time of the reservation. We don’t charge your clients anything and they pay your fee directly to you.

Q. As a personal trainer, what does my membership include?

A. Initial business consultation, client leads, access to private lane rentals, InBody testing (additional fee) and client consultation room, advertisement on website and social media campaigns, free amenities for clients (individual showers, Ouai products, towel service and more), unlimited solo workouts in unreserved lanes.

Q. Can I workout at the facility if I’m not a trainer?

A. Our facility is meant for personal training, but guest passes are available for $40 per hour. Or we would be happy to connect you with a personal trainer.

Q. How much does it cost for a session with a personal trainer?

A. We do not regulate the rates charged by trainers, which range from $100 to $175 per hour. You pay the trainers directly.

Q. What’s in a private training lane?

A. Rogue power rack with pull-up bar, landmine, Ohio barbell, Rogue Echo fan bike, TRX, stopwatch/timer, hanging ab straps, ab wheel, KBs up to 53lbs, DBs up to 70lbs, jump box, Bosu, stability ball, medicine balls, battle rope, pull-up bands, resistance bands, foam roller, yoga block, agility ladder, cones and phone tripod.

Q. Can I rent out the entire facility for group fitness classes?

A. Yes. Rates will vary depending upon the time of day.

Q. How many clients can I train in a single lane?

A. Two clients per lane unless the entire facility is rented out.

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