frequently asked questions.

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What is TRAIN?

We are a personal training facility where sessions take place in private training lanes.

What’s a private training lane?

Our facility contains five identical fully equipped training lanes. Each lane is 10 x 25 feet. All lanes are intentionally distanced six feet apart. Private lanes mean no sharing and no waiting for equipment during sessions.

What’s in a private training lane?

Only everything you could possibly need, including:
• Rogue Monster power rack with 335 lbs of weights, Ohio barbell, pull-up bar, pull-up bands, hanging ab straps and landmine.
• Rogue Echo fan bike, Slice sleds, medicine balls, battle rope and stopwatch/timer for met-con work.
• Rogue DBs up to 70 lbs and KBs up to 53 lbs.
• Rogue jump box, resistance bands, Bosu, ladder, hurdles and cones for agility training.
• TRX, stability ball, ab wheel, foam roller, yoga block and resistance bands.
• ANCORE Pro cable machine, which is so effective that all 32 NHL teams are now required by a league rule to have it in their arenas for the players to train with.
• Bluetooth enabled tripod to capture your sessions.
• There’s even an LED backlit mirror which you can change to any color to suit your mood.

Do I need my own personal trainer to workout at TRAIN?

No. While you can reserve a training lane with your current personal trainer, we would also be more than happy to pair you up with one of our elite trainers.

How much does it cost for a session with a personal trainer?

Rates vary depending on the trainer but typically range from $120 to $160 per hour.

Do you offer any less expensive options?

Yes. Our TrainShare program provides personal training in small group sessions at a lower price point. This program is also perfect for people who enjoy the community of group fitness but are looking for more individualized attention.

Do you offer gym memberships?

No. Our facility is open exclusively for personal training, although day passes may be purchased.

Can the entire facility be rented out for private parties or events?

Yes. We would be more than happy to set up a private fitness party for you and your friends or employees.

Do you offer any services other than personal training?

Yes. We offer body fat and composition testing through our InBody 570 machine as well as nutritional coaching.