the facility holds a 50 foot turf lane with Rogue Slice Sleds, as well as five individual training lanes, each six feet apart, all containing the following: Rogue power rack with pull-up bar, landmine, Ohio barbell, Rogue Echo fan bike, TRX, stopwatch/timer, hanging ab straps, ab wheel, KBs up to 53lbs, DBs up to 70lbs, jump box, Bosu, stability ball, medicine balls, battle rope, pull-up bands, resistance bands, foam roller, yoga block, agility ladder, cones and even a Bluetooth enabled tripod to capture your sessions.

  • Storefront of the TRAIN facility in McLean. Why I Choose Train. For Personal Training In McLean, VA
  • Premium Rental Gym Space For Personal Trainers In McLean, Virginia, with a full line of Rogue RM-4 Monster Power Racks and workout equipment
  • TRAIN Personal Trainers Near McLean with three ROGUE RM-4 Monster Power Racks
  • Rogue RM-4 Monster power racks with benches and Rogue barbells and Rogue weights
  • Rogue RM-4 Monster Racks with Rogue barbells and weights
  • Rogue resistance bands, yoga block, and Rogue bench and Power Racks
  • Stretching area with clean yoga mats, resistance bands, yoga bricks, and foam rollers
  • 60 feet of artificial turf with weighted professional Football Sleds
  • Private individual walk-in shower rooms and private toilets
  • Private sports massage therapy room with a massage table.

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