style and substance.

Gyms don’t have to look like dungeons. Large windows and natural light are your friends. At our luxurious and pristine private facility, you’ll feel like a celebrity while you train like an athlete.

Private training lanes with best-in-class equipment.

Individual shower rooms stocked with luxe products.

Relaxation room for post-workout recovery.

train in your lane.

Train in your own private lane with best-in-class Rogue equipment. All sessions take place in one of our five identical and fully equipped training lanes. Each lane is 30 feet long to accommodate whatever type of training the day may hold. During your session, the only people in your lane will be you and your trainer. All lanes are purposefully spaced 6 feet apart and the entire facility is professional deep cleaned each and every night.

what else is in a lane.

Everything you need for strength, conditioning, agility, mobility, conditioning and more, including: TRX, ANCORE Pro cable machine, landmine, dumbbells, kettlebells, fan bike, medicine balls, battle rope, jump box, resistance bands, Bosu, Swiss ball, agility ladder, cones, ab wheel, handing ab straps, yoga block, foam roller Bluetooth tripod, stopwatch/timer, and even an LED backlit mirror which you can change to any color to suit your mood.

push it,
push it real good.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, head over to our 50-foot turf lane, ideal for agility work and sprints. Or, if you’re a glutton for punishment, load up a sled and get to work!

feel free to
sing in the shower.

No crowded locker rooms for you here. After your workout, grab a chilled aromatherapy towel then head to one of our private individual shower rooms with rain shower heads. Each room is stocked with everything you need to refresh, from plush towels to luxurious Aesop and OUAI products.

for rent.

Want an even more intimate experience? Consider reserving the entire facility for small group sessions or private events. Grab some friends and we’ll provide you with a private fitness experience like no other. Or bring your company in for a team-building workout and earn your happy hour. Everything is customizable, from the lighting to the music to the training session. Contact us today for more details.