Introducing Train.Share

what it is.

Train.Share combines the energy of a group class with the individualized attention of a private personal training session, at considerably less cost. Train in fully equipped private lanes with 1-on-1 attention from one of our elite personal trainers. Ensure you stay on track with a complimentary InBody 570 body composition analysis and nutritional consult.


student athletes.

Champions aren’t born, they’re made. But practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Our elite trainers ensure that athletes build the proper foundation to maximize their potential through strength, conditioning, agility, and recovery sessions. And progress isn’t assumed, it’s tangibly measured, from body fat and lean muscle mass on our InBody 570, to on-the-field performance at our monthly combines.


session selection.

For adults, we recommend the upper and lower body strength training sessions to learn proper form and build a solid foundation of muscle. This should be combined with at least one conditioning or agility session per week.

Student athletes should strive to take 2+ strength and conditioning sessions and 1+ agility session per week.


three dimensional.


Lifting weights will not make you “bulky.” Would it surprise you to know that professional ballet dancers lift weights, and heavy ones at that? Done properly, weightlifting builds muscle, fortifies joints from injury, and burns fat.


Cardiovascular work not only torches calories, but also improves circulation and heart health. Metabolic conditioning is a great way to rev up the metabolism to burn calories long after the session is over.


Many of us are under the misimpression that agility training is only for athletes. But these skills are critically important to our everyday lives, whether we’re on our feet or in a chair all day.